Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I keep track of my transactions?

    You will receive a monthly statement with a detailed list of all transaction and deposit activity occuring for the previous month.

  • Can I keep my existing bank account?

    Yes! As long as your existing account has been established as a Demand Deposit account, not a savings account.

  • How much does it cost to begin?

    There are no application or start-up fees.

  • Why should I open a merchant account?

    A merchant account is the most up-to-date way to attract clients and win new business. Studies have shown that opening a merchant account can increase your sales by 50%, especially if you promote credit acceptance in your marketing materials. Accepting credit cards is a convenience for you and your clients.

  • How does AffiniPay handle PCI compliance?

    As a major benefit to our clients, we manage PCI Compliance on your behalf at no additional charge. For specific questions regarding PCI you may contact our PCI department at 866-376-0947.

  • What is PCI Compliance?

    PCI Compliance is a set of guidelines for protecting credit card data - the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These regulations were developed in 2006 and enforced by major credit cards. Each year, the card brands require that you complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as a way to evaluate the security in your office.

  • Am I locked into a contract?

    Your agreement with AffiniPay is always month-to-month. We do not believe in long-term contracts or forcing clients to work with us. If you are not 100% satisfied with your AffiniPay account, you may cancel at anytime.

  • Is there a minimum processing requirement?

    AffiniPay does not have a monthly minimum processing requirement. In addition, your association is not penalized for inactivity. We understand that associations may not have predictable charge patterns. Your account is ready when you need it.

  • Can you reprogram my credit card terminal?

    We can reprogram VeriFone VX520 terminals over the phone. The process typically takes 2-3 business days. This may be a great time to check out the benefits of our online payment gateway!

  • How quickly do I get paid?

    From the date of the transaction or sale, it can take 24-48 hours for funds to post to your account.

  • What is a merchant account?

    A merchant account is a business account established on a Visa/MasterCard/Discover processing network, which gives your business the ability to accept credit or debit cards from clients.

  • What if I already accept credit cards?

    Great! You already know the benefits of accepting credit cards. On average, our competitive program saves associations 20-25% off traditional merchant account fees. A member of our team can quickly compare your current program to AffiniPay and estimate your savings.

  • What is a chargeback?

    A chargeback is the reversal of a sale or transaction. A chargeback is different than a return and occurs when a transaction is disputed by a cardholder. Cardholders may dispute a transaction through their card-issuing bank if they believe the charge was charged in error, service was not received, or the proper authorization to charge the transaction was not given.